LocatedMap Documentation


First of all, Thank you so much for purchasing the Located - Store Mapper.

This documentation is to help you regarding each step of customizing your map. Please refer to the sidebar to find topics you are looking for.

Installing the map to your Wix site #back to top

Adding and Managing Locations #back to top

Manually adding locations - #back to top

Importing locations - #back to top

When importing the only columns that are required are the name and address/(latitude and longitude). If the address is not included you will need the latitude and longitude and vice versa. however you should not delete columns from the template as they are need when importing even if they have no data.

If your locations are in the format of city,state,zipcode, etc then you can combine these all into one column using excel and the instructions in this link. If you still cannot get the formatting correct you can email your spreadsheet to matt@locatedmap.com and I can help you get it into the correct format.

Main Settings #back to top

  • Language
    Sets the language of the map and the map components such as radius, category, and location input text
  • Radius Units
    Sets the units that are used when selecting a radius
  • Default View Radius
    Sets the radius that will be prepoulated when the map first loads
  • Enable Map Dragging
    If enabled the user will be able to drag the map to view
  • Enable Scroll Zoom
    If enabled the user will be able to use the scroll wheel on thier mouse/trackpad to zoom the map
  • Use Visitor Location
    If Enabled the map will ask to use the visitors location to perform a search when the map is first shown
  • Sync Across Widgets
    If enabled all other maps on the website will use this maps locations

Map Display Settings #back to top

  • Show Map Toggle
    If enabled the map toggle to switch between the base map and satellite map will be shown
  • Show All Markers
    If enabled all location markers will be shown when the map is first shown, unless you have the user user location option enabled
  • Show Sidebar
    If enabled a sidebar with a list of the locations will be displayed beside the map
  • Show Search & Filters
    If enabled the search bar and other filter will be shown on the map
  • Show Tag Filter
    If enabled the Tag/Category filter will be shown on the map
  • Show Nearest Location
    If enabled only the nearest location to the search radius will be shown. No other locations will be shown
  • Set View
    Sets the view that will be shown on the map when it is first shown. Click the video link to show an example Set View Video

Location Details Settings #back to top

  • Show Address
    If enabled the address will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Phone
    If enabled the phone will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Email
    If enabled the email will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Website
    If enabled the website will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Hours/Desc.
    If enabled the hours/desc will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Clock Icon
    If enabled the clock icon will be shown next to the hours/desc
  • Show Directions
    If enabled the directions icon will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Image
    If enabled the image will be shown in the marker popup
  • Show Details On Hover
    If enabled the marker popup will be shown when you hover the mouse over the marker

Design Settings #back to top

  • Popup Font
    Sets the font type and color in the marker popup
  • Note that if you have any tags added into the tags section in the manage locations popup the marker icon and marker color setting will be ignored. You will have to set the marker icon from the tags section for each tag.

  • Marker Icon
    Sets the marker Icon to either the default icon or a custom image that you can upload
  • Marker Color
    Sets the color of the default marker icon only(not custom)
  • Marker Size
    Sets the size of the marker in pixels

Copyright and license #back to top

Code released under the Un License License.

For more information about copyright and license check choosealicense.com.